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Uppsala - ESS

400 kW, Amplifiers for FREIES

We provide high performance RF power amplifiers, solid state or tube technology, Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation, Beam lines, Controls, for particle accelerators in research, or medical accelerators for cancer treatment by proton beam therapy.

DB Science produces RF amplifiers, RF generators and other microwave equipment, beam diagnostic instrumentation, beam lines, controls, for research institutes, particle physics, nuclear engineering and medical therapy.
The main characteristics of RF amplifiers, generators made by DB Science are:

Powers up to 500 kW cw or pulsed.
Reflected power up to 100% .
Frequencies up to 900 MHz
Solid state or tube technology.
Air, liquid or steam cooling.
EPICS compatible

We are able to develop and provide Beam Diagnostics Instrumentation for ion beams:
in the range of energies 8 keV / u -> 250 MeV /u for protons
in the range of energies 8 keV / u -> 400MeV / u for carbon ions

We have extensive experience in the creation of monitor intensity profile and beam position - Cabling solutions and taking vacuum side of the signal - Design, implementation and testing of electronics chains (front-end, transmission, back-end) - Solutions of system testing with hardware NI Labview code.
The research, development and implementation of specific products for the science area is managed and coordinated by DB Science Srl, a newly funded company that branched off from DB Elettronica S.P.A., which collaborates with companies of the same Group such as EBS Srl and ETT Srl.

DB Science is proud to counts among its customers (in alphabetical order): CERN(Switzerland), Goethe Universität (Frankfurt), GSI (Germany), INFN (Italy), Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay (France), Inter-University Accelerator Centre (India), LPSC (France), Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy).

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.”